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Hello all.
Abruptly after the recent announcement of the new members, the show in D.C., a new website by longtime friend Drew Schwemer, as well as a new fanbase at James Madison University in Harrisonburg and the surrounding areas, record deal offers, and other new and exciting occurances, Planet Lunchbox is over. Yes, this is the end of the line. Band founder, songwriter, and singer/guiatrist frontman Mark Shue recently made the abrupt decision to end the band, after nearly six years. Founded in late 1996 by Mark and close friend Drew Schwemer, the band went through many changes, released five demos and appeared on a compilation without the support of a label during their span as a young band. Enclosed is a personal statement from Mark Shue concerning the final break:

"Six years. wow. I have gained so many life-long friends through these years, and had so many wonderful and noteable experiences. What I have learned about playing music and communicating I will carry with me as I continue to learn and go into future endeavors. I'm sure I can speak for many of the former members and friends in this band when I say that it was an experience, sometimes wonderful, sometimes not as wonderful, but it changed each of us in some way. However, in these past few months, I have been thinking about why I am in this band, and why I am putting forth so much heart and soul to this cause. I realized recently that I was not in this band anymore for myself. I was in it because it was what I felt people expected, it was what I was comfortable with, and it was what was home to me. I am dedicated at this moment in my life to playing music and satisfying this intense desire to express myself and help others through these means. However, Planet Lunchbox needs to be put to rest, and I don't want the responsibility of being in charge of a band, being the only original member. Someone who I hold close to my heart told me to get out there and take some risks. What wonderful advice for anyone. For me, I am putting myself out there, I am moving on. This is the only the end of the beginning for what I want to do. My interests may change through time, as many people I have shared the stage with have, but I know where my heart is. I don't know exactly what is in store for me, but I do know that I am ready now. I want to thank every person who has been involved in or with Planet Lunchbox as well as family and friends, and you- the fans. You are all near and dear to my heart as well as the hearts of many others. I don't mean for this to sound so terribly sappy, and it's getting a bit lenghty, so I will end. Please support all of these musicians and friends who have been in this band as well as myself in our future endeavors. We all thank you."

Mark Shue

Many thanks to Drew Schwemer, Brannon Balsey, Kyle Harris, Jeremy Sidebottom, Mark Richardson, The Rexrode Household, Ken Morell, Keith Head and family, as well as Matt Smiley, Michael Hurt, Adam Proctor, Matt Mouras, and many many others who have lent their time to making Planet Lunchbox possible.

We will keep you all updated on new projects by former members. For now, check out Drew Schwemer's new project, The Deathstar Five:

Signing Out,


This site will continue to function for those who may be interested. You can also still view the old (complete) site:

Just wanted to let everyone know that Planet Lunchbox has an upcoming acoustic set at the Black Cat in Washington, D.C. on February 28. We'll let you know more details as we get them.

What's up everyone? Welcome to the new Planet Lunchbox site. We will be adding to this site a lot over the next couple of weeks, so please note the change of address and check back frequently.
In band news, lots of changes have been happening. The band has added Matt Mouras on guitar and Matt Smiley on bass. The band is excited about the current line up and will be cranking out the rock sooner than you expect. Stay tuned...